March, the month of oral health in Murcia

The Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegrationwith the sponsorship of ColgateThe eleventh edition of Oral Health Month is being held, with free dental check-ups, with the aim of encouraging the habit of having periodontal check-ups at the dental clinic, in addition to the daily care of teeth and gums, among citizens.

The leading clinics in the Region of Murcia affiliated to this initiative will thus make their facilities and staff available to citizens interested in this initiative to receive free check-ups and a detailed report on the state of their oral health.

Thus, interested parties can call the toll-free number 900900081, to request a free check-up in the nearest dental centres to their place of residence or work.

The check-ups, which do not include treatments or X-rays, will be carried out in addition to the dissemination of information about gingival health in shopping centres and other crowded places, and a mobile dental unit will also be available to carry out check-ups in different parts of Spain.


In this way, based on the premise that the best treatment is prevention and oral health care, dental professionals, SEPA and Colgate seek to raise public awareness of the importance of early detection of various pathologies, as well as offering advice on the best way to approach their daily care:

- Brushing three times a day, with a quality brush, preferably electric.

- Use of fluoride toothpaste

- Replacing the toothbrush every three months of use

Thus, dental professionals once again show their commitment to the oral health of their patients, while at the same time carrying out an important task of care and early detection of any pathology of dental origin.