Lingual orthodontics in Murcia

September begins and, with a new school year, we all make firm resolutions to change and improve things. Logical and normal. It has always been like this, and it is possibly one of the most characteristic traits of human beings... after all, we are the only animal that trips over the same stone twice.

One of the most common things to happen in a dental clinic is for a patient to ask: how long would I have to wear braces to get my teeth straightened?

A beautiful, harmonious and aesthetic smile is a clear indicator of health, aesthetics and facial beauty, and also another key in our career towards a better professional development, towards finding the job we have always wanted, or the partner of our dreams.

Fortunately, orthodontics has evolved enormously, and to answer our question, in many cases we point out to patients the possibility of resolving their cases in 18 months, thanks to the emergence of new techniques, such as lingual orthodontics.


Vélez&Lozano was one of the first clinics to offer its patients this technology, through the Incognito system, and today we already have other lingual self-ligation techniques available:

  • They achieve maximum aesthetics for demanding patients.
  • Reduce the number of patient appointments
  • They provide for shorter treatment time
  • Prevent demineralisation and white spots on the visible part of the teeth.
  • No discomfort when eating or speaking, thanks to rounded, imperceptible edges

A whole battery of advantages that, today more than ever, make this September the ideal month to start orthodontic treatment with the certainty that there will be no better decision made, and that, in a couple of academic 'courses' we will have a spectacular smile with just a small effort that will deserve a great reward: that of smiling like the great movie stars.