Do you play sports? Wear a mouth guard

Our smile is an essential aspect of our self-esteem. That's why we spend time and effort brushing our teeth for a healthy mouth and visit the dentist regularly, guided by their professional advice and expertise.

However, sometimes we are not aware of the risks to which our teeth are subjected, for example, when we carry out certain exercises or physical activities.

For this reason, in this new blog entry of the Velez & LozanoWe, your dentist in Murcia, want to expose some of the benefits of mouthguards when it comes to safeguarding the good condition of our mouth.

Can you imagine smiling and having one or two front teeth missing? It would certainly affect your quality of life. However, thanks to dental protectors, there is no need to put ourselves in the worst situation, even if we practice certain group or contact sports that can be considered risky (such as hockey, rugby, skating, etc.).

The mouthguard should be part of the sports equipment of both children and adults, as it is an element that prevents teeth from being broken in the event of a strong blow and protects the face, jaw and tongue, favouring safer physical activity. It is normally placed over the upper teeth, which are the most exposed.

5. Protector-Buccal-Sport-Dentist-Murcia-Teeth

In sports such as boxing it is a compulsory element, but the truth is that in different group or contact sports there is a risk of suffering an injury to the mouth due to blows or falls. In this sense, there are studies that show that an athlete who does not wear a mouthguard is 60 percent more likely to suffer some kind of injury to the teeth.

The doctors of the dental clinic Velez & Lozanodentists of reference in the Region of Murcia, can advise you on the benefits of mouthguards (both for adults and children), as well as inform you about simple and effective habits to take care of your oral health, through healthy dietary guidelines and daily care techniques.

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