Raquel Lucas trains in biological dentistry

Our colleague Raquel Lucas, a dentist in the orthodontic team, after finishing her course in advanced biomechanics with aligners, has decided to focus her training on biological dentistry, thanks to a master's degree given by Dr. Emilio López Jiménez in Ciudad Real.

Biological dentistry or RMR (Mastication and Respiratory Rehabilitation) is a current that tries to re-educate patients' primary neuro-vegetative functions (chewing, breathing and swallowing) from the youngest to adult patients, in order to improve not only the oral health of our patients but also their general health.

Behaviours such as atypical swallowing or oral breathing, habits that are becoming more and more frequent in the population and that lead to problems such as micrognathism of the jaws, sleep apnoea, postural problems, dry mouth, digestive problems, etc., are addressed.

At Vélez y Lozano we are in line with modern trends in dentistry, which is becoming increasingly conservative, and of course we also want to explore these types of options which, like other trends in medicine, are increasingly focused on prevention and dispense with invasive methods and materials.

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