Refresher course in endontics. GEMO Group

Doctors Diego Saura and Fernando García attended the continuing education course on endodontics refresher training given by Dr. Sebastián Ortolani on 27th and 28th November at the Agalia Hotel.

As it does every year, the GEMO study group offers a continuing education programme in which it tries to address all areas of dentistry, offering its members the latest advances and techniques from speakers of national and international prestige, such as Dr. Ortolani in the field of endodontics.

The Agalia Hotel has been able to adapt its facilities to the current situation, allowing this magnificent course to be held in person.

"Dr. Ortolani has given a thorough review of all the basic aspects of endodontics, from diagnosis with the latest technology to three-dimensional reconstruction with intraoral scanners and the latest generation of drills," says Dr. Saura.

In turn, Dr. García Vélez, as vice-president of the GEMO group and main organiser of this course, praised the lecturer's abilities at both clinical and teaching level: "Dr. Ortolani, whom you all know for his involvement in the field of endodontics, is an international speaker and professor of endodontics at UCAM".

Vélez & Lozano's commitment and importance to continuous training is clear, the best way to attend to the pathologies of patients in the Region of Murcia, offering the best treatments with the latest technologies.