Dr. Sara Pérez Díaz attends Dental Monitoring's European Ambassadors Meeting

Sara Pérez Díaz, orthodontist at Velez & Lozanoon 20 April, attended the European Dental Monitoring Ambassadors Meeting.

Dental Monitoring is a pioneer in virtual monitoring in dentistry using artificial intelligence. Through the mobile application, patients can "monitor" your orthodontic treatment from home. This application will ask the patient for a series of records that will be analysed by the artificial intelligence, and will provide clinical data to professionals in order to subsequently indicate to patients what the next steps are.

Innovation applied to the Dentistry has completely revolutionised the entire sector: patients can carry out orthodontic treatment semi-attendantly, so that, from home, they maintain close contact with the orthodontist, who will give them all the information and indications for the treatment.

Dr. Sara Pérez emphasises that "is very convenient for patients, as patients are scanned in less than 1 minute.moments later, they can see on their mobile phone the progress of their treatment and the indications that we recommend they follow at the clinic. Undoubtedly, in these times of pandemic, the reduction of travel is an important factor for patients to feel at ease".