Sara Pérez Díaz, lecturer of the Ortodoncis Junior Group

Sara Pérez Díaz, orthodontist at Vélez y Lozano, gave an online presentation on 8 April entitled "Management of growing patients and severe DOD with aligners", together with the other members of the Ortodoncis Junior group, a group of young orthodontists who work hand in hand with the members of the Ortodoncis group.

In it he was able to develop the treatment with transparent orthodontics focused on the smallest children, as well as its multiple advantages in those who present a great dental crowding.

Dr Pérez pointed out that "early treatment with aligners is fast and effective, as tooth expansion with this type of appliance is very predictable".

This conference has been able to transmit to orthodontists from all countries the management of these patients with invisible orthodontics, which is an update of the whole sector in what will be the future of orthodontics.