Dental sedation with "laughing gas" - Children and Adults in Murcia

Going to the dentist is not a negative experience nowadays, however, many dentists do not have a patients from Murcia, Molina de Segura and Las Torres de Cotillas continue to experience anxiety when they have to undergo dental treatment. This is often the case with paediatric patients.

There are many methods for dental anxiety" control"These range from antihistamines (used for the treatment of allergies) that produce a certain drowsiness, to anxiolytics in doses suitable for children. These drugs, once the visit to the dentist is over, still remain in the body to be metabolised until they are completely eliminated for several hours, which means that in some cases it is not the ideal method for anxiety control.

This is why, from the beginning of the 20th century, the nitrous oxide or "laughing gas". as light sedation in dentistry.

Nitrous oxide is a colourless, slightly sweet-smelling gas that produces conscious sedation and mild analgesia. It is fast and convenient actionIts effect is felt within a few minutes of its administration. Among its effects we can highlight:

- Relaxation

- Anxiolysis (elimination of anxiety)

- Tingling of feet and hands

- Mild amnesia (makes the intervention not traumatic)

Its effect disappears at the end of its administration100% by resuscitating the patient with oxygen and is therefore much more comfortable for patients or their parents than other drugs commonly administered for anxiety.

In addition, nitrous oxide is eliminated by respiration. without undergoing any metabolisation The gas is then released from the body, so that no residue is left in the patient's body, who will only enjoy the benefits of a completely relaxed and comfortable dental treatment thanks to this gas.

The procedure is comfortable and safe for child patients.
The procedure is comfortable and safe for child patients.

Then, Is nitrous oxide sedation safe?

Definitely yes: it is safe for both children and adult patients. In the case of child patients, it is indicated for children who are uncooperative or fearful of the dentist. In the case of adults, it is recommended for patients with previous unpleasant experiences or unresolved dental phobia.

Its application by means of a mask is very comfortable and easy, and at the end of the a visit to the general dentist or paediatric dentistThe effect of the gas no longer remains in the body, making it very safe for all patients.

Patients are awake and conscious, but relaxed and without any hint of anxiety.
Patients are awake and conscious, but relaxed and without any hint of anxiety.

Which patients are indicated for the use of nitrous oxide sedation?

- Patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist.

- Uncooperative patients

- Patients undergoing long treatments

- Children from 3 years of age.