Stabilised stannous fluoride: a technological revolution

Have you ever thought about which toothpaste is the best? Have you ever wondered which toothpaste you should buy to keep your teeth and gums in perfect condition? Do you have tooth sensitivity and don't know how to treat it?

It is difficult to find new products on the dental market that allow dental professionals to change their usual system of prescribing toothpastes, toothbrushes or other oral hygiene products. However, in the coming weeks, the Spanish toothbrush and toothpaste market will experience a real revolution, with the arrival in Spain of the first stabilised stannous fluoride toothpaste to be marketed in our country: Oral-B Pro Expert.

Oral-B Pro-Expert, the only toothpaste with stabilised stannous fluoride on the market in Spain.
Oral-B Pro-Expert, the only toothpaste with stabilised stannous fluoride on the market in Spain.

A new toothpaste with a unique feature that makes it unbeatable: it is effective against ALL the most common pathologies in the human mouth. From now on, it will no longer be necessary to use a toothpaste for tooth sensitivity, an anti-caries toothpaste and a specific gum paste: Oral-B Pro Expert, with its exclusive formula of stabilised stannous fluoride, helps adults and children to take care of their oral hygiene in all aspects.

In this sense, the abundant scientific evidence refers to improvements in the treatment of:

- 33% more plaque reduction 12 hours after brushing vs. conventional toothpaste

- 25% more gum protection than everyday toothpaste

- reduces heat and cold discomfort by up to 44%

- offers 25% more caries protection than the best-selling toothpastes

- 58% reduces enamel loss from soft drinks or acidic drinks by 58%

- removes 96% from tooth stains in as little as two weeks of use

- controls tartar up to 56% more than other toothpastes

- eliminates halitosis or bad breath problems in 71% patients with only three weeks of use.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a new revolution, available in Spain as of 1 January 2013, but which has already proved its worth in the most demanding markets, such as the United States, by offering the most demanding customers the possibility to buy their products and services in the most competitive markets. dental professionals a new tool to ensure that your patients get the best care both in the dental clinic as in their own home.