Pressed veneers, what are they and how do they work?

The area of dental aesthetics offers different solutions to patients depending on their needs, but also on their desires, whether based on their budget but also on other factors to consider, such as comfort, reliability or durability. In this sense, we have already talked in this blog, on different occasions, about the differences between [...]

Tooth sensitivity and whitening

El blanqueamiento dental es uno de los tratamientos más populares en las clínicas dentales cuando llega el verano. Se trata de un tratamiento de estética dental rápido, asequible y eficaz, lo que sin duda contribuye a su popularidad. Es por ello que en las últimas semanas nos han repetido con cierta frecuencia una duda muy […]

Oral rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation, although it sounds more like something a traumatologist or physiotherapist would do, is actually a dental treatment or, well, to be completely accurate, a set of treatments that we have called it. When is oral rehabilitation necessary? An oral rehabilitation is considered for patients whose [...]

Ancillary beauty treatments

When we talk about dental aesthetics, the most common thing in the vast majority of cases is to think about treatments such as veneers or tooth whitening. And they are indeed the 'front line' of this speciality, being the most requested treatments and carried out in dental clinics all over the world, because of their [...]