I have a spot on my tooth, what can I do?

¿Tienes una mancha blanca muy llamativa en el diente que se te ve al sonreír? En ocasiones recibo en el gabinete a personas con este problema que no se habían planteado solucionarlo por desconocimiento, al no saber que el tratamiento es tan sencillo y eficaz. Aunque antes de entrar en detalles, comencemos por el principio. […]

What to eat to avoid staining your teeth?

More and more patients are asking me this question on a regular basis, and it is perfectly logical, as we live in a time in which as a society we pay a lot of attention to aesthetics, including our smile. As an expert in aesthetics and endodontics at Vélez y Lozano, I am used to answering this question, especially in the case of [...]

Dr. Diego Saura expands his training in dental veneers

Our colleague, the dentist Diego Saura, has had the opportunity to expand his knowledge in the area of dental veneers by taking a training course given by Ferrán Llansana, one of the most renowned experts in dental aesthetics in our national territory. As an expert in dental aesthetics in our clinic in Murcia, Dr. Saura has [...]

What material are dental veneers made of?

Dental veneers are the 'gold standard' of aesthetic dental treatments. These veneers, which can be made directly by the dentist or indirectly by a laboratory, modify the shape, colour and size of the teeth. For this reason, they are the most sought-after and required treatment in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Frequently asked questions about dental veneers

When it comes to aesthetic treatment, patients always ask me the same questions, both in the salon and well before the treatment, so I have decided to compile them all in one blog article. Let's start at the beginning. Someone sees a smile on Instagram, on TV or [...]

The dangerous 'Turkish teeth' fad

Turkey has gradually become, little by little in recent years, the cradle of aesthetic treatments, thanks to the 'low cost' services they offer. This 'fashion' started a few years ago with hair grafts, when they became popular due to their more attractive prices than those available in Spain and [...]