The toy donation campaign returns to Vélez and Lozano for Christmas.

Un año más ponemos en marcha nuestra campaña solidaria de donación de juguetes. Desde hoy mismo y hasta el próximo 22 de diciembre, podéis traer vuestros juguetes y nos encargaremos de hacérselos llegar a Cáritas a través de la parroquia local. Es una manera de celebrar estas fiestas acordándonos también de los más necesitados, ya […]

Do your bit in the fight against breast cancer

Next Thursday 19th October is World Breast Cancer Day, the most diagnosed tumour in the world above lung cancer according to data published in 2021 by the Cancer Research Centre. For this reason, at Vélez & Lozano we wanted to try to make you part of the [...]

Caritas already has the toys donated to children

The toys that both employees of the Vélez y Lozano dental clinic in Murcia and our own patients have donated for the most needy children are already in the hands of Cáritas, the organisation that will be in charge of delivering them to vulnerable families. From the clinic we would like to thank the reception of this initiative, [...]