Do your bit in the fight against breast cancer

Next Thursday 19th October is World Breast Cancer Day, the most diagnosed tumour in the world above lung cancer according to data published in 2021 by the Cancer Research Centre. For this reason, at Vélez & Lozano we wanted to try to involve you in our side of solidarity and encourage you to donate to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

You can do your bit by clicking on the following link:


ImportantThe money goes directly to the association, we don't receive anything. It seemed to us that the idea of the money box was outdated and thanks to this new system that the association has made available to us, we can do without it.

Some facts about breast cancer

Although in the AECC website you can certainly find a lot more information about breast cancer, we would like to highlight several facts that you can find in '.Cancer figures in Spainof the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology:

  • It accounts for 30% of cancers diagnosed in women, which is equivalent to 16% of cancers in both genders.
  • 6.9% of cancer deaths worldwide were due to breast cancer.
  • It is the deadliest cancer in women, ahead of lung, colon and pancreatic cancer.