The two-way relationship between sport and gums

In this new blog entry from Velez & Lozano, dental clinic in the city of Murcia, we would like to take a closer look at a subject of great interest for people who do sport: the relationship between physical exercise and the state of our gums.

The good condition of the gums can be key to optimising an athlete's physical performance. The latest studies show that there is a link between 'pyorrhoea' (periodontal disease) and reduced physical performance. The reason could be reduced muscle capacity or certain joint disorders, although experts have not yet drawn conclusive scientific evidence.

However, oral health is a factor that elite athletes take very much into account and, for this reason, they undergo frequent check-ups with their dentists to ensure optimum health, in the same way that they take care of their diet and undergo analyses to control the appropriate levels of nutrients and vitamins in their blood.

Exercise + balanced diet = healthy gums

The latest studies on this subject even speak of a bidirectional relationship between sport and gums. Thus, people who do sport and enjoy a good state of health (with a weight within the parameters established by the Body Mass Index) are less likely to develop periodontitis.

In this sense, we should bear in mind that both the regular practice of moderate exercise and following a balanced diet in accordance with our daily calorie intake are two essential factors not only for our general wellbeing, but also for the health of our mouth.

In fact, various specialists maintain that being overweight, as well as being a risk factor for heart disease and the development of diabetes, can also lead to periodontal disease. For this reason, if we want to contribute to the good health of our gums, in addition to taking care of our daily oral hygiene, we must keep in good shape and follow balanced nutritional habits.

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