The importance of oral health in overall health

Today 7 April is World Health Day, and from the Vélez y Lozano dental clinic we do not want to miss the opportunity to remember the importance of oral health in relation to our general health, a subject that we have already addressed in several times in our blog.

Undoubtedly the most serious or important point is the increasingly proven link between poor oral health and an increased likelihood of major chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, dementia and problems in pregnancy. There are also common risk factors between dental health and serious diseases.

On the other hand, good oral hygiene not only prevents these complications, but also improves people's quality of life. A healthy smile and good oral health can increase self-esteem, improve digestion and enable better nutrition, which translates into greater energy and general well-being.

In other words, an oral disease often reduces a person's quality of life.