Tips on how not to neglect your dental health over the holidays

It's already here! Christmas is here once again, and with it, the traditional change of good habits and healthy routines for others that are much less recommendable for our oral health: a big meal, a pastilla of nougat, the Three Kings cake, spending an unusual number of hours away from home and without access to our usual products for our oral hygiene...

That's why in the weekly blog entry of the Vélez y Lozano Dental Clinic of today, me, Cristina Medina MachínI'm here to give you some tips so that this Christmas doesn't spoil your smile.

Things to avoid at Christmas

Beware of sweets

At this time of year we tend to increase our consumption of sweets such as nougat, marzipan, chocolates...we tend to think that since we have sinned several times in a week, it's OK to sin again. And, of course, it does. We must be vigilant about increasing our sugar intake, as it translates into an increased risk of developing caries.

Pay attention to stains

During these weeks there is also an increase in the consumption of wine, fats, spicy foods and caffeine, which can lead to stains on our enamel. Although it is true that they are treatable, it is better to prevent them from appearing.

Avoid hard foods

Nougat, certain types of seafood or sweets can cause fractures in our teeth, prostheses or orthodontics, so you should take special care. Even so, if you suffer any inconvenience, remember that at Vélez y Lozano we do not close during the festive season, except for national holidays, and that on the days of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve we are open until midday.The event will be open until 14.30 hours.

Watch out for hygiene

This is also a time of being out and about, going to see the lighting, eating out, meeting friends for coffee, then with the family for dinner... which means that we neglect our oral health, as we do not have access to the tools we usually use for our regular cleanings and we also reduce the number of brushings per day.


Alcoholic drinks lower the pH of our oral cavity, which leads to an increased risk of caries, erosion and demineralisation of our enamel. For this reason, it is best not to overindulge in alcoholic beverages during these special dates. Not only for our oral health, of course, but also for it.

On the other hand, what I can offer you are a series of recommendations for this festive season that you would do well to take note of:


Milk and its derivatives help to reduce the level of acid in sweets, which in turn helps to control the level of acid in the mouth.

Green tea

The benefits of green tea in various and diverse areas of health are more than proven. From its anti-inflammatory to its antioxidant role, but did you know that it is also an exceptional ally when it comes to oral health? Precisely thanks to the antioxidant power I have already mentioned, it eliminates bacteria, prevents the formation of tartar and reduces the acidity of saliva, which contributes to a reduction in tooth decay. In addition, the catechins in tea help to care for the gums. Finally, its antibacterial role helps to combat bad breath, as halitosis is mainly due to the action of certain bacteria that grow on the back and edges of the tongue.

Don't forget the brush

In winter you have no excuse, one of the many pockets of your coat fits a toothbrush perfectly. You don't have to give up anything, but it will help you to brush at least twice a day. All you need to do is go to the bathroom wherever you are. Remember, if there's one brushing you shouldn't give up, it's at night, before bed, when it's also the ideal time to floss.

Visit your dentist

It is better to start the holidays prepared, that is why from Clínica Vélez y Lozano we recommend you to go to your dentist in Murcia before the holidays for a complete check-up, so as not to worsen what might already be happening in your mouth.

Now you have all the tips and recommendations you need to enjoy this festive season without damaging the best of smiles: yours. Don't forget to follow us on all our social networks, where we will continue to offer advice and we are always at your disposal to help you with whatever you need and answer all your questions.

Happy Holidays!

Author: Cristina Medina Machín