Which orthodontics to choose? Advantages and disadvantages of brackets and aligners

One of the most frequent doubts in dental clinics in which advanced orthodontic treatments are carried out, such as the case of Vélez and Lozano in Murcia, is the choice of one or other treatment technique.

In this post we will try to clarify the fundamental advantages of each of these techniques, which are graphically summarised in the table we have drawn up so that, at a glance, you can decide which is the best treatment for you, depending on your priorities.

Orthodontic Comparison

If the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable with orthodontics, your choice is clear: the most convenient is the use of aligners, such as Invisalign, with which you will avoid the traditional friction of brackets and wires typical of conventional orthodontics.

On the other hand, when choosing to be treated with lingual orthodontics, you should bear in mind that this technology can limit your pronunciation at certain times, and that it is more difficult to clean than with braces on the outside, as your visibility is more reduced.

If in the previous section it was at the bottom of the list, in terms of aesthetics the winner is clear: lingual orthodontics, Incognito type, is the choice of those people who do not want anyone to notice that they are wearing braces.

In this case, aligners are also a treatment of choice because, although you have to wear them all day long and the plastic may be slightly visible, you can remove them comfortably at appointments or work meetings.

The lowest cost is for brackets on the outside, for a simple reason: they are mass-produced, so they are cheaper to produce, making treatment more economical for the patient.

Customised techniques, with clear aligners or lingual brackets, have a slightly higher cost, precisely because of the personalisation for each patient, and it is important that you consult your dentist about deferred payment and financing options.

Speed of treatment
As in the previous case, treatment is usually quicker when the appliances are ready for use as standard than when they are customised for each patient, especially when it comes to making changes to the treatment plan to improve the final result.

In any case, accelerated orthodontic techniques such as Acceledent, available at leading dental clinics in Murcia, can help us to reduce treatment times with lingual or clear braces to minimise your orthodontics.

Speed of appointments
Do you have a lot of work to do, don't have a minute to spare and want to optimise your schedule? In this case, Invisalign is the ideal treatment for you: the orthodontist will only have to check your teeth and gums to make sure they are in good condition. attachments and give you your new aligners at each appointment, which usually lasts about 10 minutes.

In contrast, orthodontics with metal or ceramic brackets usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes per appointment, and lingual orthodontics, which is considerably more complex from a mechanical point of view, takes 45 to 60 minutes per appointment. Think about it - after all, it is your mouth that will be open.