Do whitening toothpastes work? What is the best whitening toothpaste?

The desire to show off whiter teeth and enjoy a pleasant, harmonious smile is becoming more and more common in today's society, where everyone wants to have an enviable appearance in order to get the job they want, or to find that beautiful partner they have always wanted.

In addition to the whitening treatments that are carried out in the dental clinics in the Region of MurciaIn this article, patients often ask about whitening toothpastes, the properties and composition of which we will analyse in order to assess the results they offer.

The first point to highlight in this entry is the fact that, to date, there is no toothpaste in the world that has a whitening effect: the only way to lighten the colour of a tooth is to have a treatment with carbamide peroxide, which can only be carried out by a qualified dentist.

For this reason, whitening toothpastes usually contain abrasive silica systems that remove stains through friction between the toothpaste, the toothbrush and the tooth itself, a mechanism based on the friction of both the stains and the tooth itself.

Recently a new technology has been developed, included in the 3DWhite toothpaste, developed by Oral-B, the world's leading R&D&I manufacturer of oral care products, which contains a sodium hexametaphosphate that inhibits the formation of stains, so that the teeth, although they do not change their colour, do look lighter, as they do not have any staining on them.


This component is a long-chain polyphosphate that allows users of this toothpaste to enjoy a whitening system in a completely conservative way with their teeth, as the only thing it will provide them with is a film against stains, thus maintaining the initial shade of their teeth in a safe and comfortable way for them.