Is your smile a "like" away from everyone? You need a family dentist.

In times of public exposure at levels we could never have imagined, You TubeFacebook, Instagram, Snapchat .... the hackneyed phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words has become clear and evident.

We live in the world of the here and now where appearance and visuals are king, showing us that we are immersed in the age of the image. The generation Millennial dictates the rules, and we are increasingly pampering ourselves, taking care of our physical appearance and being more conscious of the image we project to the outside world. In this projected image, from Vélez and Lozano we are clear that one of the fundamental and most attractive elements is the smile.


The majority of cases in which models, bloggers, influencersSome people, artists and ordinary people have perfect mouths, the result of painstaking dental therapy, but others are simply the result of lucky genetics. We are used to seeing perfect smiles, but having a beautiful smile is not always synonymous with having a healthy mouth.


As a general rule, we only go to the dentist when we suffer some kind of discomfort, pain or when we want to change the physical appearance of our teeth. teeth through treatments such as orthodontics, aligners y whiteningbut our teeth need more.

The idea that we have a beautiful smile and therefore do not need to visit the dentist is absolutely wrong.

A beautiful mouth, but also a healthy one, requires care and attention and we must be aware that prevention is the best ally to prevent our teeth from suffering and deteriorating irreversibly after a few years. And that beautiful initial smile becomes, without having been checked, a source of problems for its owner.


Going to the dentist is not just for young children or for people who want to improve the appearance of their smile; it is something we must commit ourselves to in order to take care of such an important part of our body as our mouth and teeth.

Regular check-ups and having a dentist who knows your mouth and is in tune with your needs can make your life easier and also save you money. Detecting a dental problem can save us pain, discomfort and a large budget to fix what has "gone wrong" through carelessness. A little cariesThe problem is relatively simple and painless to solve, but if left untreated, it can lead to a cavity The dentist may have to take more drastic measures to try to save the tooth, such as a dental scaling or a more complex treatment, in the worst case. endodontics or a extraction.

Avoiding discomfort, pain, infection, complications and a hole in your pocket is as simple as seeing your dentist every other day.