A clinic committed to the environment

Today, June 5th, World Environment Day has been celebrated for more than half a century, and at Vélez y Lozano we would like to remind you of our commitment to the environment. Respect and preservation of the environment and the world around us in general is something 'imprinted' in our DNA, which forms part of our company philosophy since we started almost 15 years ago.

At our dental clinic in Murcia, we value small gestures and promote environmentally responsible practices. We use recycled paper, reusable bottles and we have bins for recycling. We turn off lights in empty rooms and between patients. At the corporate level, we use compostable cups, sign digitally, send information telematically and follow ecological protocols. In addition, we use energy-efficient LED lights and double-sided printing.

In short, we believe in social responsibility in companies like ours, and therefore we apply it in certain areas.