Dental crowding solved with orthodontics

On many occasions we receive patients who request orthodontics because their teeth have "overcrowded", without knowing what exactly that implies. The concern of these patients is mostly aesthetic, but the reality is that crowding has consequences beyond not having a beautiful smile. Risk of caries: in crowded areas [...]


Nowadays, implants are often used to replace a missing tooth. Implant treatment allows us to give our patients back function and aesthetics similar to natural teeth. In addition, it is a very safe treatment with a success rate of approximately 98%. We are often asked by patients about [...]

Can I buy an electric toothbrush for my child this Christmas?

Starting to brush our children's teeth is not always easy, as at first they will close their mouths and stick out their tongues, but it is necessary and it will be easier if they start the habit at an early age. As they grow up, they may not like toothpaste or they may not feel like brushing their teeth.

Do I have to have an implant for every tooth I have lost?

Dr. Fernando García Vélez It is very important to replace the teeth we lose as soon as possible, and there are many reasons for this. When we lose a tooth, a series of changes occur in the mouth: the surrounding teeth move and the bone and gum that hold the tooth in place are lost, the gums are affected, the [...]


Dr. Diego Saura Miñano Dental transplants are currently an effective and reliable solution for replacing a lost tooth. This transplant is carried out inside your own mouth, using in almost all cases one of your wisdom teeth to replace another of your teeth, and that is why it is so important to have [...]