Tips on how not to neglect your dental health over the holidays

It's here! Christmas is here once again, and with it, the traditional change of good habits and healthy routines for others that are much less recommendable for our oral health: whether it's a big meal, or a pastille of nougat, the Three Kings cake, spending an unusual number of hours away from home and without any [...]

Braces, buttons and elastics: Invisalign beyond the aligner

Invisible orthodontics works, as the vast majority of patients are already familiar with, through the use of aligners, transparent plastic sleeves worn by the patient that perform micro dental movements, thus improving alignment and correcting bite problems. However, aligners are not always capable of carrying out all these movements because of their [...]

Implantology for patients: why replace a missing tooth?

Since we started writing this blog in 2012, our aim has always been to disseminate content related to dentistry and oral health in a clear and accessible way for anyone with or without knowledge of the subject. In other words, to educate. With this in mind, for more than [...]

Bruxism and its consequences for the teeth

What is bruxism? Bruxism is an increasingly widespread disorder in our society, both in children and adults, which consists of grinding the teeth while clenching them together, exerting pressure. It can be diurnal or nocturnal, depending on whether it occurs when the person is awake or asleep. [...]

Ten daily habits that are damaging your dental health without you knowing it

I don't mean to sound alarmist by using a title like this for today's post. However, my experience as a hygienist at the Vélez y Lozano dental clinic has led me to discover that, through ignorance or carelessness, most of our patients repeat several habits that damage their dental health on a daily basis. For [...]

Invisalign ClinCheck: Why it's so important in invisible orthodontics

Although most of society has already accepted the results that invisible orthodontics can provide in their smile, many patients, when they come for an assessment of their orthodontic treatment, ask with curiosity: "How is it possible that a plastic that you can hardly see or notice can move my teeth like this?" And why is it that the [...]