I want to get a dental implant but I don't have enough bone, what are my options?

On many occasions, after losing a tooth, we decide not to replace it, or at least wait to do so. This is something we see quite commonly in the clinic. It can be for many reasons, but there are usually three: We believe that it will not be necessary to replace the tooth Because we are afraid of the intervention Because it is not [...]

What is an orthodontic assessment appointment at Vélez & Lozano like?

Sometimes, when family or friends interested in having orthodontic treatment, or potential patients who write to us through our networks, or even at a social event an acquaintance asks us, when we reply that the orthodontic assessment appointments at Vélez & Lozano last approximately one hour, his or her [...]

What is an inlay and in which cases is it recommended?

What is a dental inlay? If you have come this far, it is probably because you have already read the word inlay in a quote or a professional has mentioned it to you and you have several questions that we are going to try to answer. An inlay is a way of covering the tooth integrally or partially, in order to give it stability and [...]

Is alcohol harmful to your dental health?

Let's be clear from the outset: yes, alcohol is detrimental to dental health, as it is to health in general, unmitigated. But what is the specific problem? A study in the scientific journal Microbiome, published in 2018, analysed the oral microbiota of a group of people who had [...]

I have a spot on my tooth, what can I do?

Do you have a very noticeable white spot on your tooth that is visible when you smile? Sometimes I receive in my office people with this problem who had not considered solving it due to lack of knowledge, not knowing that the treatment is so simple and effective. But before going into details, let's start at the beginning. [...]

Pregnancy and dental health

Pregnancy is a very important time for expectant mothers which, especially in the case of first-time mothers, is often faced with certain doubts they have never had before. Although it is true that certain myths are increasingly being discarded, such as that all pregnant women lose a tooth or that babies lose [...]