Dental holidays?

Perhaps you have never heard of the concept of dental tourism t may seem strange to link these two words, but today it is a growing phenomenon that moves millions of people all over the world.

But... what exactly is a dental holiday?Many patients from different parts of the world travel to different countries in search of better quality and cheaper dental treatment, while taking advantage of their stay to enjoy the country they are visiting.

This has resulted in a large number of patients finding in Spain the perfect destination for your dental treatmentsThe country's tourist attraction, its coastline, spectacular climate and cultural heritage, and the high quality of its treatments, make it a popular destination for implants in particular, due to its competitive prices and higher quality of treatment.

The clinic Vélez and Lozano is a specialist in dental treatment for foreign nationals thanks to a number of factors: its experience y accuracyThe duration of the treatment, in the 90% of cases concludes within two weeks the perfect weather to enjoy a province such as the Region of Murcia; and the innovative technological and human resources it has at its disposal.

As the doctor points out Fernando García Vázquez"the technological advances that Vélez y Lozano has at its disposal, such as the 3D CBCT radiography or the iTero intraoral scannermake many people foreign patients look to our clinic as a point of reference for their implant treatment.". Residents from countries such as England, the United States and the United Arab Emirates come to this clinic in Murcia to be treated with the latest technology and ensure the best possible results.

In order to promote this type of tourism, Vélez y Lozano, has made available internationally the website aim is that those seeking treatment in Spain will find in your clinic a place of reference, not only for the quality of your treatments, but also for the services you offer. facilities offered to their international patients. Through this page the clinic schedules your dental holiday in 8 easy steps which include booking nearby hotels and on-line treatment planning.

In this way Vélez y Lozano takes care of all the treatment and the organisation of the trip, allowing those who come to her to worry only about enjoying a great holiday.