Do you live in Murcia and want to get dental implants?

Dental implants have marked a turning point in modern dentistry. They are intra-osseous pillars or 'screws', which the body assimilates as its own and integrates them into its bone structure, in a similar way to hip or knee prostheses, also made of biocompatible 100% titanium.

These abutments are subsequently used as retentive elements in removable or fixed prostheses. The 'screw' is inserted into the bone with surgery under minimally invasive (in most cases) and controlled local anaesthesia, which reduces discomfort after placement.

It is a highly reliable technique with a superior success rate to 98% of treatmentsIt is therefore a highly recommendable option in the event of missing teeth due to previous extractions or congenital agenesis.

Biocompatible titanium dental implant 100%
Biocompatible titanium dental implant 100%

Who can carry them?

Practically anyone can have implants, but there are factors that make the technique difficult, such as lack of bone (when regeneration techniques are necessary), illnesses or treatments (when it is necessary to consult with the general practitioner to modify certain treatments and seek guidelines) and unusual habits, which it may be advisable to modify.

  1. In terms of bone quality, as in the case of patients with osteoporosis, once the implant is integrated, the prognosis or duration of the implant is similar to that of any other patient once the prosthesis is well adjusted and regular check-ups and maintenance are carried out.

So, if I have osteoporosis, can I have implants?

Yes, in this case, it is key to pay special attention to post-surgical healing, which is the key to success in this type of patient.

  1. Tobacco is one of the great enemies of implants. As with teeth, it can facilitate the appearance of diseases such as periodontitis, something that is increased in implants due to the differences that exist in the supporting tissues between teeth and implants, especially the hermetic seal that is produced in the teeth at the level of the gum.

So, if I smoke, can I get implants?

Yes, it should be noted that there is a divergence of opinion among different researchers, with the usual limit of smoking being around 6 cigarettes/day, although there are also authors who suggest spacing it out over time.

In any case, the most important thing is that you go to qualified and reliable professionalsThey will study your case in depth to offer you the solution best suited to your needs. Book your appointment now!