Dentist in August in Murcia

“Murcia se queda vacía durante el mes de agosto”. Esa frase, hace unos años una realidad repetida hasta la saciedad, se ha visto recientemente sustituída por la de “ya no es lo mismo, antes Murcia se quedaba vacía en verano”, y es cierto que los hábitos de vida de los habitantes de esta ciudad han cambiado considerablemente, y cada vez es menor el número de ciudadanos que toman vacaciones durante el mes de agosto, en favor de otros meses del año.

This, however, sometimes makes it difficult to locate a dentist, either because you do not know where to go to find out which clinics are 'on call' in the capital, or because the dentist you trust is enjoying a well-deserved holiday after a year of intense work.

A state-of-the-art dental clinic in Murcia, also open in summer
A state-of-the-art dental clinic in Murcia, also open in summer

Vélez&Lozanoin Murcia, is one of the leading clinics in the capital that keeps its facilities open during the month of August, with the same opening hours and facilities as during the rest of the year: from 9 am to 9 pm, every working day.

Thus, residents in Murcia, Molina de Segura, Torres de Cotillas, Alguazas, or any other city around the capital of the Region who wish to take advantage of these dates to carry out their dental treatments, or those who have an emergency or pain of dental origin, can make an appointment on 968.28.46.28, within these opening hours, and enjoy minimally invasive dentistry with a maximum level of quality.