Famous smiles: before and after

The great stars of the world of cinema or sport have one thing in common: a mysterious glow that accompanies them wherever they go. However, when we have the opportunity to take a closer look at some photographs of their youth, we find that many of them shine a little less brightly. Why? The answer lies in the 'before' and 'after'.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting and sought-after aesthetic change for those whose personal image is part of their job is a spectacular smile. The smile is a unique feature that functions as a personal signature. Moreover, it is undoubtedly a key part of a person's charm. That is why most celebrities go to the dentist before they go to the plastic surgeon.

At the same time, only in extreme cases, the change stands out once the treatment is finished, so that the perfect smile accompanies those who go to the dentist, without anyone noticing it. On the other hand, aligning our teeth has important health benefits, as problems such as malocclusion or crossbite can lead to chronic discomfort such as headaches, jaw pain, etc.

This week, from the blog of the dental clinic Vélez & Lozano we want to show you some of the famous smiles before and after their time at the dentist.

Cristiano Ronaldo

No, it's not CR7's cousin from the village, it was him himself a few years ago, when he was making his first steps at Manchester United. And if Cristiano loves himself more and more every day, it's because he has discovered the secret of eternal youth: fixing his teeth. That way, once they're fixed, you'll want to burn your old photos.

Celebrities ronaldo

Isabel Mateos

Known as 'La pechotes', the most famous friend of 'Pequeño Nicolás' was cruelly mocked on social networks because of her teeth. The young woman went to a dentist's office and decided to fix her teeth. Why suffer if it can be fixed?

Celebrities 2

Miley Cyrus

In recent years, the former queen of children's pop and Disney muse has undergone one of the most resounding changes from a girl to a woman. Gone were her innocence, her long hair and her somewhat mismatched teeth.

celebrities Miley

Rosa López

Yes, we are referring to 'Rosa de España', the 'Eurovisiva' singer from Granada captivated us all with her exciting voice. After her time in the Operación Triunfo contest, her image became part of her work and among other changes she decided to fix her mouth: the result, like herself, spectacular.

Celebrities 4