Halloween returns to Velez and Lozano

Halloween has always been a special date in our dental clinic in Murcia, as our patients know. We have had pumpkins decorating the clinic, photocallchildren dressed up in costumes in the corridors... and a festive and magical atmosphere that always brought a smile to everyone's face. Unfortunately, during the last 2020, along with so many other things, we were unable to celebrate due to the pandemic. This year, however, in line with all the other measures that are being passed on a daily basis in all areas, we have decided to celebrate it again. Although not yet as spectacularly as in previous years.

Our dental clinic has dressed up, as usual, with cobwebs, ghosts and orange balloons. In addition, this year we thought that, as a way of compensating those who have been most affected by all these social distancing measures since the beginning of the quarantine period, the children, we could offer them some gifts.

And so we have done, every child who has come to the clinic has taken away a very special and themed gift, accompanied by a toothpaste, a toothbrush and, depending on their age, a mouthwash, because let's not forget that we are in the paediatric dentistry area. It's been a great two days!

Also, in order not to leave adults out completely, we have decided to run a competition on social media with a very simple premise. Anyone who tags us in their Halloween photos can win an Oral-B Pro 2 2,000 electric toothbrush. You have the whole weekend to enter! On Tuesday we will choose a winner, and of course, those photos that are original and, if possible, have to do with oral health... will have more chances!

Happy long weekend to all!