Happy New Year 2022!

Another year is coming to an end which, like the last, has been marked by the pandemic. We would very much like to begin this publication by talking about anything else, and in fact we have considered not doing so, but we felt there was no point in denying the obvious. This has been a year of emergence, of vaccination, of a gradual return to normality in all areas, something which we have of course noticed in the clinic, but which has been cut short towards the end. 

We start a new year with some uncertainty, but also with some certainties and commitments. We cannot deny that this has not been the ideal end to the year that we had all hoped for, but neither can we succumb to pessimism and deny the obvious: this has been a year of reconnecting through the networks and in the clinic itself, of renewing hopes, of launching initiatives and competitions, of resuming training and giving the best of ourselves, once again, at the expense of continuing to offer you the service that has always characterised us. 

Let us toast, then, to the only thing that can and should be toasted on occasions like this: to the year that is ending, and to the year to come.