What is an All on 4?

The All on 4 is a treatment of prostheses on implants which became very fashionable about 20 years ago. 

It is a technique designed to patients with a lot of atrophy patients who have lost a lot of bone, or in other words, patients who have lost a lot of bone and, therefore, cannot have more than 4 implants or they would need major bone regeneration.

The technique is divided into two phases.

In the phase one4 implants are placed so that they are anchored as closely as possible. This is achieved by placing them in strategic places at an angle of between 17 and 30 degrees. In this first phase we could place a provisional immediate prosthesis, if the implants are sufficiently stable, although we wait 72 hours to do so. This prosthesis would allow us to have fixed teeth, although it would oblige us to maintain a soft diet during the healing period, which is between 3 and 4 months.

The second phase begins once the implants have healed and the gum has stabilised. In this phase a new prosthesis would be made, this time definitive, with a highly biocompatible metal structure, covered with resin, to reproduce the gum and teeth.


  • With few implants we replace all the teeth.
  • Improves the patient's facial profileThe loss of teeth also leads to the loss of bone in the jaws and the face sinks in.
  • We improve the aesthetics and function
  • Very predictable
  • We reduce bone loss by placing implants inside them, which is not the case with conventional prostheses.
  • It is fixed and do not take it off to clean it
  • It is a prostheses easily repairable


  • Treatment limited to older patients
  • There must be a lot of tissue loss (bone and gum), not just teeth to make room for the prosthesis.
  • Prosthesis bulky and difficult to sanitise
  • The patient has to show little gum when smiling, so that the final result is optimal

Failure of an implant limits the prognosis of the treatment.

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