Involving patients in patient safety

Today, Sunday 17 September, is World Patient Safety Day, whose slogan for 2023 is 'Involving patients in patient safety'. In this sense, at Vélez y Lozano we want to emphasise the active role that the patient has always played in our clinic at various levels with regard to precisely this point: involvement.

To achieve this, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) rightly points out, it is necessary to empower patients and their families in treatment, something that we have always believed is only possible on the fixed and immovable basis of information. It is this basis that leads us to involve the patient in the different phases of their treatment, from diagnosis to the execution of the treatment, so that they understand what the problem is and why it has arisen, as only then will they be able to understand what solution we propose and why we believe it is the most appropriate for their specific case.

That is why, as a dental clinic, we join in the demands that are being made on this day from different parts of the health sector.