We offer a new treatment for MIH

At Vélez and Lozano we have launched a new treatment for our paediatric dentistry area with which we aim to change the lives of many children in Murcia for the better. It is a service divided into three months with their respective three appointments in which, with a combined work in the clinic and at home, we aim to alleviate the most harmful consequences of the MIH

The Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation is characterised by an alteration in the quality of the enamel in permanent molars and incisors, which means that its external surface is very porous, generating extreme sensitivity, significant wear and tear and enamel fracture very easily, increasing susceptibility to deep caries, which is why we have been concerned about it since it first appeared. In fact we have articles already in 2019 reporting on the issue. Moreover, it is affecting more and more children around the world and science has not yet been able to find out why. 

This is why we are particularly proud to be able to offer this service to parents at a special reduced price of 14% during this first year. This treatment, which is the initiative of our paediatric dentist Vanesa Rico, seeks to alleviate the most harmful consequences of MIH through the use of various products and their proper maintenance at home. After the three months of treatment, with three check-up appointments and in which three 'packs' will be given to parents with everything they need to follow the guidelines indicated by the doctor, as well as products for the maintenance and care of proper oral hygiene, the sensitivity of the affected teeth should diminish until it disappears and the tooth will be remineralised.

If you think your son or daughter suffers from this syndrome and you would like to arrange a check-up, please call 968 28 46 28 or do it through our online appointment.