What do I do if a bracket pokes me?

Aligning a smile and achieving a perfect dentition is an important decision from which only positive and satisfying results can be expected for the patient who sets to work.

Once the brackets are placed on the teeth, there are several important issues that need to be addressed. the expert orthodontist should be discussed with the patient in order to make the treatment as positive as possible for all parties involved.

These include the following:

- hygiene, which must be taken special care of to keep the gums in good condition

- food, which should exclude very hard foods (nuts, doughnuts...)

- the care of the patient's apparatus, regardless of the type of technique used

Thus, one of the doubts that patients from the city of Murcia The most common question in orthodontic practices is "what do I do if I get a puncture from a bracket?" and the best solution is to use orthodontic 'wax' or 'silicone' to alleviate the patient's discomfort.

VITIS Orthodontic Wax, by Dentaid Laboratories
VITIS Orthodontic Wax, by Dentaid Laboratories

With the wax on the bracket, hugging it as if we were placing a piece of 'plasticine', we will be able to alleviate discomfort immediately and avoid injuries or small ulcers due to the appliance rubbing against the soft tissues of our mouth.

Wax applied on brackets that injure the jugal mucosa
Wax applied on brackets that injure the jugal mucosa

Normally, after four to six weeks of wearing the appliances, the oral mucous membranes adapt to the new situation and the use of dental wax is no longer necessary, so that the patient can forget about this task and return to their daily life without having to pay any more attention to their orthodontics than the check-ups that their orthodontist considers appropriate depending on the case.