Orthodontic treatment in ten months, is it possible? - Orthodontics Murcia

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for placing the teeth in the ideal position, both for patients to chew and occlude in a harmonious, balanced way and thus offer them the possibility of having a favourable anatomical situation for the development of their jaws.

Furthermore, in many cases, even if the dental relationship is appropriate, it also allows the teeth to be aligned so that they acquire a harmonious and aesthetic appearance, helping to boost the individual's self-esteem and their personal and professional development with an attractive and youthful facial appearance.

One of the aspects that has evolved the most in orthodontics in recent years is the reduction of treatment times, thanks to the development of low-friction, self-ligating techniques such as Damon or differential movement techniques such as Tip-Edge, which have meant that most cases can be resolved in less than 18 months of treatment.

In this post we show, for example, the photographs of a case treated by an orthodontist with expertise in low friction techniquesThe ten-month course shows how to move from an initial situation of significant crowding due to lack of space to a scenario where the teeth are aligned and correctly related to each other.

How many months do I have to wear braces?

The answer to this question, common in dental clinics in the Region of Murciacannot occur without an orthodontist first properly assessing each case and determining the patient's occlusal problems, as well as the need for one technique or another to address the case in the best possible way, achieving both effectiveness, with a favourable result, and efficiency, with a reduced treatment time.

In any case, as we indicated above, the average duration of treatment by experienced professionals is usually a maximum of 18 months, for which the patient's collaboration is usual, so that there are no delays in the initial forecast, in addition to the subsequent use of fixed and removable retention to ensure that the results will be stable for a long time after the end of treatment.