Our medical director, Fernando García Vélez, attends advanced surgical training with Dr. Fouad Khoury.

Our medical director and main visible head of the Surgery and Implants area, Fernando García Vélez, attended last week an advanced training on surgery given in Alicante by Dr. Fouad Khoury, considered one of the fathers of vertical bone regeneration.

Dr. Khoury was born and graduated in medicine in Iran, although he has practised in Germany, where he moved and from where he has become a world reference in his field thanks to, among others, being considered the first to develop the 'shuttering' technique in bone regeneration, which made his book 'Bone augmentation in implantology' a worldwide bestseller.

This training is part of a modular course that will be given until May thanks to Santa Monica Training and in which the different perspectives offered by guided bone regeneration will be addressed with a very current approach and analysing at all times also the clinical protocols necessary for its correct application, starting from an exhaustive planning.

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