Patient care: a sure value

When a patient comes to our clinic, as part of our protocol, they are always greeted at some point during the visit by Patient Care. The question I hear most often when a colleague says "I'll leave you with my colleague from Patient Care" is: "What? Patient Care? 

I am Ana TorneroI am the coordinator of this service at Vélez y Lozano, and I will try to explain briefly what this department consists of and why in the clinic we consider this work to be so important in order to offer the best care. 

The people who make up this area are, together with the team of doctors, responsible for the planning and coordination of the treatments that the patient undergoes, thus being able to guarantee the quality that they require but also the warmth of treatment that characterises us and which is so much appreciated by the people who come to the clinic. The Patient Care department is purely focused on trying to maximise the wellbeing of the patient from the moment they contact us for the first time and throughout the rest of their stay at the clinic and subsequent visits. 

That is why, whenever a patient asks me -and they usually do-: "but who are you?", my answer is the same: "I am the one in charge of making sure you don't have to worry about anything at all, my job is to accompany you and help you throughout your treatment to make it easier. This way, when your visit is over, you won't have any doubts about the treatment plan and the administrative management will be the last thing you have to worry about". 

In short, and definitively, the Patient Care department is the link between the patient (you) and the medical team. And at Vélez y Lozano we have a team trained and dedicated exclusively to this mission, as we believe that it is as or more important for the satisfaction of the people who entrust us with their oral health as what happens inside a dental office. 

Because, as the saying goes, '...the smile is a weapon of mass construction'. And it's true, it builds happiness, good times, friendships, relationships at work and other kinds of healthy situations for body and mind. So, for me, helping you to make yours what you dream of is what makes me smile in turn. 

AuthorAna Tornero Valencia