Raquel Lucas and Vanesa Rico attend a course on orthodontics and RNO

The orthodontist Raquel Lucas and the paediatric dentist Vanesa Rico, dentists in our dental clinic in Murcia, attended last weekend the course 'Orthodontic treatments in mixed dentition following the methodology of Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation (RNO)', organised by the GEMO group and taught by doctors José Manuel Sampietro Fuentes y Alejandro Durán Portotwo references in the field.

The courseThe course, which was held on 21 and 22 October, served as an introduction to the RNO philosophy based on masticatory function, as well as an introduction to early therapy in the primary or mixed dentition following these criteria. At Vélez y Lozano we are very interested in early and as conservative as possible treatments, something very much in line with what was taught in the course, where direct tracks and selective grinding in the primary dentition were discussed, as well as a series of functional orthopaedic appliances for early treatment.

The RNO teaches us the study and management of masticatory function, and aims to rehabilitate it, which is generally altered in dento-cranio-facial malocclusions. It helps us in orthodontics to give stability over time to our treatments, and also to carry out a correction as early as possible, which will prevent skeletal dysmorphosis from becoming irreversible.

This training complements very well both with Dr. Rico's way of workingThe course is designed to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to apply some of the therapies seen in the course, such as direct composite tracks, and with the training that currently studying Raquel Lucas.