Raquel Lucas Gálvez


Dr. Raquel Lucas is a member of our orthodontic team, a field in which she is currently continuing her training.

Curriculum Vitae

- Graduate in Dentistry.

- Master's Degree in Clinical Orthodontics at the International Postgraduate School of Dentistry. Isabel I University.

- Master's Degree in Biological Dentistry (OB-RMR) by Dr. Emilio López.

- Course "Orthodontics beyond the limits" by Patricia Vergara.

- Diploma in advanced biomechanics with aligners (Aligners International Programme).

-Course "Orthodontic treatments in mixed dentition following the neuro-occlusal rehabilitation methodology". GEMO

- Course "Update on orthopaedic treatment in children: class II (twin block), class III and transverse malocclusions". COEMU

- Workshop on Bioceramic Materials in Endodontics.

Scientific and conference publications:

  • Scientific poster presentation at the 40th National Congress of Endodontics (2019).
  • Scientific poster presentation at the SEMO International Congress (2019).

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