Dr. Sara Pérez Díaz attends Dr. Arturo Vela's Intensive Master's Degree in Plastic Orthodontics module.

The Dr. Sara Pérez Díazorthodontist in Velez & Lozanoon 16 October, he attended the last module of the Intensive Master's Degree in Plastic Orthodonticsgiven by Dr. Arturo Vela in Madrid.

Dr. Arturo Vela-Hernández is a Doctor of Medicine and Orthodontist in exclusive practice and professor of the Master's Degree in Orthodontics at the University of Valencia. Vela-Hernández has written several publications, teaches numerous courses and is a regular speaker at events around the world. In addition, he has treated more than 2500 patients with invisible aligners.

The modular course covered all the procedures necessary for orthodontists to can be dealt with in a simple way any orthodontic caseregardless of their complexity: patients with pinching, occlusion problems, patients with edentulous areas (missing teeth), periodontal patients, bruxers or clenchers, etc.

Dr Sara Pérez points out that "more than 2 million people cannot be wrong. The transparent orthodontics is the future made present, and we have it to be able to offer our patients the best we can.".