The most popular treatments at the end of orthodontic treatment

When a patient comes to our dental clinic, it may be due to different reasons, but we can almost always separate them into three main categories: general, which would be those visits for revision, cleaning or, in other words, 'maintenance'; urgency, which are those that come to solve a specific discomfort, which does not always mean that they are for a specific reason, but [...]

What to eat to avoid staining your teeth?

More and more patients are asking me this question on a regular basis, and it is perfectly logical, as we live in a time in which as a society we pay a lot of attention to aesthetics, including our smile. As an expert in aesthetics and endodontics at Vélez y Lozano, I am used to answering this question, especially in the case of [...]

Preparing the tooth for veneers: myths and realities

Due to 'somewhat misleading' advertising in the dental sector in recent years, many patients insist in the dental office on "no-face veneers", i.e. the ultimate aesthetic treatment for the smile: veneers with which the tooth does not need to be treated at all in order to give it a radical makeover and a new look.

Rosalía does it again: let's talk about dental jewellery

The Catalan artist Rosalía is an expert in two things: obviously in music, but also in generating controversy (although the latter is often involuntary, and more circumscribed to the media spotlight). At Vélez y Lozano we have already taken advantage of this focus to educate and disseminate recommendations and quality information on oral health issues [...]

Ancillary beauty treatments

When we talk about dental aesthetics, the most common thing in the vast majority of cases is to think about treatments such as veneers or tooth whitening. And they are indeed the 'front line' of this speciality, being the most requested treatments and carried out in dental clinics all over the world, because of their [...]