I want to get a dental implant but I don't have enough bone, what are my options?

On many occasions, after losing a tooth, we decide not to replace it, or at least wait to do so. This is something we see quite commonly in the clinic. It can be for many reasons, but there are usually three: We believe that it will not be necessary to replace the tooth Because we are afraid of the intervention Because it is not [...]

On the Miguel Bosé case: let's talk about implants and infections

Miguel Bosé's recent interview on 'El Hormiguero', Pablo Motos' TV show, put dental implants in the spotlight temporarily, albeit in a negative way. On the Antena 3 television show, the controversial (and understatement) artist claimed that he had lost his voice due to a dental implant.

Immediate loading implants, what are they and what can we expect from them?

As an implantologist, it is clear to me that one of the biggest concerns of patients considering dental implants is the waiting time. There are many who have passed through Vélez y Lozano's chair, and fortunately a large majority of them leave happy, but always with the same question: And when will I be able to [...]

Ten tips to follow after implant surgery

Finally, after an extraction, or the loss of a tooth due to periodontal disease or any other problem, you have decided to replace its absence or at least you are seriously considering it: congratulations! This is what I recommend to any patient, whatever their age and case. Now, as is normal, you have a [...]

Guided implant surgery: the future of dentistry is 3D

The use of 3D is evolving at a dizzying pace, affecting a multitude of sectors and, of course, dentistry is no exception. In dental implantology, this revolution has its own name: guided surgery. How does it work? Guided surgeries are performed thanks to splints made of biocompatible resin [...]