Your teeth whitening can be a prize this month

During the month of December we will be raffling two special packs for the sensitivity that can be associated with this treatment, courtesy of Haleon, among all the combined whitening treatments carried out at the clinic. The pack, from the Sensodyne brand, is made up of a special paste, a mouthwash, a toothbrush and a dental floss.

What is a circuit breaker in orthodontics?

The disjunctor is an appliance that is placed in the palate and is used in interceptive orthodontics to correct the problems that a narrow palate (with differences between the size of the maxillary bone and the jaw) causes in growing children. This last point is important, as the disjunctor is only [...]

Tips on how not to neglect your dental health over the holidays

It's here! Christmas is here once again, and with it, the traditional change of good habits and healthy routines for others that are much less recommendable for our oral health: whether it's a big meal, or a pastille of nougat, the Three Kings cake, spending an unusual number of hours away from home and without any [...]