Your teeth whitening can be a prize this month

During the month of December we will be raffling two special packs for the sensitivity that can be associated with this treatment, courtesy of Haleon, among all the combined whitening treatments carried out at the clinic. The pack, from the Sensodyne brand, is made up of a special paste, a mouthwash, a toothbrush and a dental floss.

New tablets available for the waiting room

One of our values as a company and as a team is to continue to take steps to align ourselves with our responsibility to the world around us, as our patients know all too well. This translates into our strong commitment to environmental values, as anyone can attest to on a visit to [...]

Our paediatric dentistry team has an adapter for babies.

Our paediatric dentistry team has recently acquired for its performance in our dental clinic in Murcia a baby adapter, manufactured by Maribel Pons Bonet and marketed under the name of Odontoadaptababy, which will facilitate their work when attending to their smallest patients. The aim is to adapt the chair that is used for [...]

Vélez y Lozano launches a new website

A cutting-edge website for a cutting-edge dental clinic As you may have already noticed if you are here, we have a new website! The site has been developed by Delefant and the design has been done by David Brugarolas from F33. We hope that this new design, more user friendly, will be to your liking. With [...]