Our colleague Raquel gives a talk on 'Orthodontics for families'.

Nuestra compañera Raquel Lucas, de nuestro equipo de ortodoncia, aprovechó la oportunidad que le ofrecieron ayer desde el Colegio Severo Ochoa, en Los Garres, para dar una charla en horario no lectivo para padres y alumnos del centro dentro de la iniciativa ‘Escuela de familias’, organizada por el AMPA. La charla, que elaboró ella misma […]

The most popular treatments at the end of orthodontic treatment

When a patient comes to our dental clinic, it may be due to different reasons, but we can almost always separate them into three main categories: general, which would be those visits for revision, cleaning or, in other words, 'maintenance'; urgency, which are those that come to solve a specific discomfort, which does not always mean that they are for a specific reason, but [...]

The relationship between oral breathing and malocclusions

Where does mouth breathing come from: An evolutionary review Mouth breathing is a very common harmful habit, both in adults and children, and one that generates a long list of repercussions, as we have already discussed in previous blog articles. This is due, above all, to the fact that we are biologically prepared and predisposed to breathe [...]

Our orthodontists attend the latest ALIGNEA Congress in Ávila

Last weekend, from 9 to 11 February, the VIII International Congress of Aligners (ALIGNEA) took place at the Ávila conference centre. Orthodontics is an area in constant evolution, which requires keeping up to date, and that is why our two orthodontists, Ana and Raquel, attended to soak up the latest developments in the field.

The face mask: why is it used in orthodontics?

If you are interested in orthodontics and you are a follower of our blog, it is very likely that you have already read our article on the different malocclusions treated by orthodontics. If not, we urge you to do so at this link, although we are going to recapitulate a little in order to address today's topic. Firstly, to clarify [...]

CBCT has arrived in Invisalign, why is it important?

In other articles in this blog, when it comes to technological advances applied to dentistry, we have talked about CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) X-rays, which allow us to see practically any morphological variety in the teeth and surrounding tissue to perfection, and to see the [...]