My child brushes himself

A girl brushes her teeth in front of the mirror, looking at the camera.

La gran mayoría de los padres que vemos en consulta aseguran que sus hijos “ya se cepillan solos”, y casi siempre que les preguntamos el por qué, la respuesta es un motivo equivocado. En ocasiones es porque “no tenemos tiempo” para dedicarle ese momento a la salud bucodental de nuestos hijos, y otras veces es […]

Nuestra odontopediatra, Vanesa Rico, hace un curso de carillas inyectadas para niños

Nuestra compañera Vanesa Rico, dentista para niños en nuestra clínica de Murcia, se ha formado en técnica de carillas inyectadas para poder ofrecer esta alternativa a sus pacientes. El curso, realizado mediante Dental Excelence e impartido por el Dr. Enrique Díaz Guzmán ha abordado durante sus 51 horas de duración todo lo relativo a esta […]

Paediatric dentistry for parents', an insider's summary

How do you know if 'Paediatric dentistry for parents' is written for you? Very simple: If you have doubts about when you should start brushing your child's teeth, if you think that only sweets create cavities or if you still don't know whether or not your child should come to the dentist for a check-up (you know, other parents will tell you [...]

Vanesa and Jacobo present 'Paediatric Dentistry for Parents'.

Our paediatric dentistry colleagues, Vanesa Rico and Pedro Jacobo Martínez, have written a book entitled 'Odontopediatría para padres' (Paediatric dentistry for parents). At Vélez & Lozano we have given them all the support possible in various ways, and we are going to publish the book under our brand, although with their authorship, something that fills us with pride, because we have [...]

How your paediatric dentist can help you

During dental check-ups for children, we not only assess the state of their dental health, but paediatric dentists go much further. And, as we have said on other occasions, the mouth is not an isolated component in our body, but what affects one affects the rest of the body.

Flúor goes on holiday (story for children)

Summer is finally here: our friend Flúor's favourite season. When dinosaur school is over, he goes to the beach, ready with his bucket and spade. He plays and swims in the waves on the beach. Fluor has a friend with whom he also spends the summer on his beach. [...]