Why doesn't a tooth come out completely? Dental ankylosis

Maybe you've been watching your child's molar tooth trying to erupt for years but it just won't come through, and it feels like it's 'sunken in', or maybe it's happening to you and you're thinking: what's wrong? It is most likely that you have dental ankylosis. What is dental ankylosis? Occasionally, some teeth, [...]

Do baby teeth have roots?

A baby tooth showing the root

This is a question that many parents ask me in the dental office while pointing at a panoramic x-ray of their children, as it is something that most people are unaware of and that usually surprises them when they discover it. And the fact is that, yes, primary or milk teeth have roots, just like permanent teeth. [...]

Our paediatric dentistry team has an adapter for babies.

Our paediatric dentistry team has recently acquired for its performance in our dental clinic in Murcia a baby adapter, manufactured by Maribel Pons Bonet and marketed under the name of Odontoadaptababy, which will facilitate their work when attending to their smallest patients. The aim is to adapt the chair that is used for [...]

What happens if a baby tooth is pulled out?

Let's talk about space maintainers As you already know, in our dental clinic in Murcia we follow a minimally invasive philosophy that is based on prioritising prevention over intervention, and once we have to intervene, we do it in the least traumatic way possible. However, sometimes there is no other choice but to resort to [...]

The importance of dental check-ups in childhood

Between school, extracurricular activities, work, and a long etcetera, our pace of life has returned to its usual rhythm after the holidays, causing us to neglect other important aspects of our lives. One of them is our children's dental check-ups. We tend to think that nothing is wrong, that if the child has [...]

Dental trauma in summer: What do I do!

Summer and the long-awaited holidays are finally here! This beautiful season of heat, swimming pool, beach and ice cream also increases the incidence of dental trauma among children, who suffer falls while playing. So, what should we do if we are on holiday and our child suffers a dental traumatism? The first thing we should [...]