Our colleague Ana advances in the field of preventive orthodontics.

Our colleague, dentist in the area of orthodontics, Ana Pérez, continues her training geared towards prevention thanks to the course 'RNO, early treatment and orthodontics with aligners' that she has taken in Valencia over three modules. The training, given by Esmeralda Herrero, has focused on gaining knowledge of balance and stability [...]

Dr. Diego Saura gives a lecture on dental transplants to university students

Our colleague, Dr. Diego Saura, an expert in the dental transplant technique, was invited to give a lecture on the subject at the Clínica Universitaria del Hospital Morales Meseguer last week. In the session, which was attended by students of the Master of Oral Medicine and 4th year students of the Degree in Dentistry, Dr. Saura [...]

Our colleague Celia continues her training in endodontics.

The dentist Celia Navarrete, from our endodontics team, has successfully completed the course 'Endo Mola', taught by Almudena Rivas for four months, in which they have had the opportunity to delve into a very broad agenda with a large amount of practical load, addressing issues ranging from basic endodontics to endodontics and endodontic treatment.

Fran Sánchez-Alcaraz trains in the management of the gummy smile

Our colleague Fran Sánchez-Alcaraz, from the area of periodontics and prosthetics, has been trained in the management of the gingival smile thanks to a course given on the 10th of November at the Colegio de Dentistas de Murcia by Dr. Carlos Oteo and Dr. Silvia Oteo. The course explained the different causes of gingival [...]