Fernando García Vélez


Dr. Fernando García Vélez is one of the founding dentists of Vélez y Lozano and is our expert in Surgery and Implants as well as the Medical Director of the clinic. More than 5,000 dental implants placed in Murcia endorse him as a reference in our Region in this field, which he practices exclusively after having been trained in different parts of Spain and even the world. He is also the vice-president of the Murcian Group of Stomatological Studies (GEMO) and author of the book 'Implantology for patients'.

Curriculum Vitae

- Degree in Dentistry. University of Murcia.
- Extraordinary Degree Award. University of Murcia.
- PhD student in oral implantology. University of Murcia.
- University expert in implantology. Miguel Hernández University.
- Microscopic and piezoelectric techniques in microsurgery. Cáceres.
- Oral surgery and advanced implantology. Brazil.
- Member of the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration.
- Member of the Murcian group of odontostomatological studies.

Scientific and conference publications:

  • Author of the book 'Implantology for Patients' (2021)

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Giuseppe Spina

Giuseppe is one of our international implant patients and wanted to leave us this testimony thanking us for our close and personal treatment.

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Rocio Cano

Rocío came to the Clínica to replace a missing tooth with an implant, but due to the complexity of her case she was recommended to be treated with invisible orthodontics first. In addition, the patient needed a graft, so she is a perfect example of why it is better to come to a multidisciplinary clinic like ours: all her treatment took place here, with no referrals.

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