Back to school and the mouth: what do we need to bear in mind?

Summer is over, and with it the return to school for Murcia's schoolchildren. Back to see friends, teachers, books with new subjects to learn, a snack at break time, lunch in the dining room, etc...

Our children's oral hygiene can be just as good as when we always have them at home, and to do so, we just have to take into account a few tips.

  • Snacks should be made of normal bread. Bimbo" bread, apart from being less healthy, adheres more to tooth surfaces, which makes self-chewing (cleaning of the mouth through chewing) more difficult. Scientific evidence tells us that it causes a more pronounced drop in pH, which favours the appearance of caries lesions more easily.

In addition, eating sliced bread causes us to apply less force to chewing, so the transverse growth of the jaw may be altered.

  • Juice? No thanks: Industrial juices contain a lot of sugar. A piece of fruit is always better as a dessert, as it contains fructose instead of sucrose, which is the preferred "food" of caries-causing bacteria.


  • Lunchtime meals are a very good option for the health of our children, as they are balanced diets that favour their correct development.
  • A travel toothbrush fits in any backpack pocket, and your kids can brush after every meal.