The best smiles of Rio 2016

They are young, beautiful, athletic and competitive. The Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games are here and from the blog of Vélez and Lozano -your dental clinic in Murcia-, we would like to take a look at the most beautiful, healthy and attractive smiles of the athletes who will break world records in the competition hosted by Brazil.

1) Miguel Ángel López: from Llano de Brujas to the sky
This walker from Murcia is one of the Spanish athletes most likely to bring home a gold medal. The walker from Llano de Brujas (Murcia) has demonstrated his excellent physical condition by almost breaking the world record in the 10,000m track race.

River 1

Super-Lopez is the world champion in the 20km Race Walk, but he has decided to test his strength in this category as well as in the 50km race at the Olympic Games.

2) Allison Stokke: America's Smile
Her sensual smile has even been compared to that of America's sweetheart, Julia Roberts. At 27 years of age, the American Allison Stokke has an undeniable attractiveness that, added to her talent with the pole vault, makes her one of the most talked-about international sportswomen. Her secret to a great smile: constant dental hygiene and a diet rich in fresh, healthy food.

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3) Genevieve Lacaze: a seduction that can't be beaten
This beautiful Australian with a radiant smile specialises in the 3000m steeplechase. Rio is her second Olympic Games, where she hopes to achieve the best results of her career. In her everyday life, Genevieve is a girl who takes care of her image and follows trends, while on the track she is a fierce competitor who gives her all to achieve the best position.

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4) Luca Dotoo: the beauty of swimming
Perfectly aligned teeth further enhance the green-eyed athlete's dazzling gaze, which is breathtaking in and out of the water. Known as the 'bello of Italian swimming', Luca Dotto has been splashing around in the water since he was a child, topping the podium in freestyle and short distances. He is a young man of his time and very active on social media. In Rio, he hopes to make amends and win medals where he missed out at London 2012.

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