Vélez & Lozano specialists participate in the Master Webinar of the Mediterranean Dental Academy

The session was opened by Fernando García Vélez, a surgeon dedicated to implantology, who showed the attendees his protocol for performing immediate implants, a technique in which he extracts a tooth and replaces it with an implant in a single intervention, with great predictability, and reducing discomfort for the patient as much as possible.

The moderator of the congress was Javier Lozano Zafra, who is currently dedicated to the training of orthodontists both nationally and internationally, explained how orthodontics is interrelated with the other specialities, laying the foundations for a healthy and stable bite and aligned teeth as a prior and necessary step to any restorative treatment.

The third speaker was Diego Saura Miñano, a specialist in endodontics and restorative dentistry, who unveiled his technique for performing autotransplants. A novel technique in which he replaces a tooth that requires extraction with one of the wisdom teeth, which, as we all know, often have to be extracted anyway, due to the discomfort they cause, thus giving them a second life.

The congress was closed by Ignacio Vázquez Natividad, a specialist in dental aesthetics, who shared the way in which he connects with the patient, to listen to their needs, and thus be able to satisfy them when they are considering an aesthetic treatment. In addition, he showed us how his new platform works to perform telediagnosis, through his website, without leaving home.

This action is part of the training plan that Vélez & Lozano professionals have been developing in recent years at the Mediterranean Dental Academy in order to share knowledge and innovative techniques with other colleagues in the sector.